C.I.Foot Valve  
Special Features:
  • Full Flow Area, equal to pipe size at all points through Valve. Unique seating design, provides positive shut off at all pressure ranges without additional loading on seal.
  • Silent operation, by using rubber seat.
  • Heavy duty body for long life.
  • Size range 1 ½” (40 mm) – 6” (150 mm)

V V Foot Valve are designed to be installed on the suction side of a pump. The purpose of a foot valve is to maintain pump prime between pumping cycles. A strainer prevents debris from entering the piping system. Foot valves are designed to minimize head loss and optimize pumping efficiency.

FOOT VALVE Applications:

Municipal Water Treatment, Industrial, Rural Fire Protection, Irrigation
Nominal Size
inch mm H (Appx.)
1 ½ 40 135
2 50 135
2 ½ 65 160
3 80 190
4 100 220
5 125 245
6 150 270
Body, Seat Plate, Thrust Plate Cast Iron
Strainer Cast Iron
Rubber Washer Nitrile Rubber
Bolting Mild Steel
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