Cast Iron Gate Valve Clip Pattern


‘V V’ Cast Iron Solid Wedge clip pattern Gate Valves are available in All-Iron construction. These valves are available in nominal Sizes 11/2” (40mm) to 4” (100mm).

END CONNECTIONS: Valves in size 11/2” (40mm) through 4” (100mm) are available with screwed female ends as per B.S.P (Parallel).

APPLICATION: These Valves are recommended for Liquids at ambient temperature. Screwed ends valves are recommended for a maximum working pressure of 200 psig (14.06Kg/cm2).


  1. Compact design requiring less space for installation than most of the conventional gate valves.
  2. Body and bonnet bolted together with the help of a ‘U’ Bolt, thus enabling easy maintenance.
  3. Straight through flow with least possible pressure drop across the valve.
  4. Sturdy hand wheel with ample grip.
  5. Wedges are thin and sharply tapered, permitting valves to handle heavy fluids.
  6. Bodies are rigid and extra study to with stand abnormal pipe strains.
  7. Long pipe threads at ends extending deep into the body to assure a pressure tight connection without damage to the valve seats.
  8. Stems of valves having loose fitting threads to prevent stem freezing when valves are used on sticky fluids.


Bodies of all valves are tested to 350 psig (24.6Kg/cm2) hydraulic pressure and seats are testing to 200 psig (14.6Kg/cm2) hydraulic pressure. Our Work’s Test Certificate for the materials and hydraulic testing can be provided.


Due to continuous development programme the design and data are subject to change without any notice.

Body, Bonnet, Stem
Nut & Hand Wheel
Cast Iron
Wedge Cast Iron
Stem Mild Steel
Gland Mild Steel
Gland Nut Cast Iron
Bolting Mild Steel
Gasket Compressed Asbestos Fiber
Gland Packing Graphited Asbestos
Inch. mm.
1.1/2 40 81 287
2 50 92 330
2.1/2 65 130 345
3 80 136 400
4 100 156 435
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